Guest Members

If your child is a member of another club and wants to skate on BFSC ice time, here are your options:

Learn to Skate skaters: Contact us for more information.

Advanced-Level skaters can either join as an:

Associate Member. For $75/year (just $25 more than our members, June – June), you can have access to the same discounted ice contract package rates as our members, or

Advanced Walk-On Member. For $20/year (June – June), you can skate on our club’s ice time as a walk-on skater paying the per-session walk-on rate. You are not allowed to purchase ice contract packages at discounted rates.

How to join as an Associate Member or Advanced Walk-On Member:

A. Set up your EntryEeze account

1. Go to our EntryEeze site and click on the blue “Apply for membership” button.

2. Click on “Create a new family account,” fill in the security code shown, and click on “Continue.”

3. Fill in the required fields — no need to add a USFS # unless your skater is transferring from another club and already has a USFS number. Otherwise, leave that space blank. Submit your information.

4. Check your email for your “Welcome” message from Bismarck Figure Skating Club. Click on the link in the email to validate your email address.

5. At the EntryEeze site, create your password and continue. Your family EntryEeze account is now set up.

B Pay for your membership:

1. In your EntryEeze account, click on the gray “Apply/Renew” button at the top left to become a member.

2. Choose the appropriate membership type, either Association Membership or Advanced Walk-On. See our Membership Descriptions to determine the appropriate membership type and the cost.

3. If your skater was previously with another club, enter the name of the club; otherwise, select “I am not a member of any club” and “Save.”

4. Fill in the addition information fields. Read the Code of Conduct, and if you agree to follow it (required in order to join), select “I agree: Code of Conduct.” Click on “Save.”

5. Click on either “Process another family member” to add another skater to your family account, or “Go to shopping cart and complete checkout.”

6. Continue through the payment process.

C Sign up for lessons:

1. Go to EntryEeze and log into your account.

2. Click on the gray “Contract Ice” button at the top. However, if the contract you’re looking for is closed or not available and you want to purchase walk-on ice time:

3. Review the appropriate season schedule (under the “Advanced” link) to see the ice times and decide which times you want to skate.

4. Contact Emily Zahn, director of Learn to Skate and Advanced programs, at or 701-220-5757 to confirm space availability and get your name on her rosters.

5. Choose the skater you’re signing up.

6. Find the ice contract type you want to sign up for.

7. Click on the “Continue” after the description, and follow the instructions.

8. Continue through payment; your registration is not complete until paid.

If you need any help with setting up your account or EntryEeze, contact Emily Zahn.