Advanced Program

The Advanced Program includes instruction and testing in Singles (Free Skate), Skating Skills (Moves in the Field), and Dance in accordance with U.S. Figure Skating guidelines and disciplines. The testing levels for these disciplines are listed in the Advanced Skater Test Record.

Before members can skate in the Advanced Program, they must pass certain Learn to Skate tests and be approved either by the Learn to Skate Director. As an Advanced skater, they must contract individually with a primary or secondary coach, schedule their ice time with their coach’s guidance, and pay their coaching fees. Typically, during a 45-minute ice session, a coach will work with her skaters in 15-minute increments.

Costs for skating in the Advanced Program include the annual member fee, ice time the skater signs up for, and the coaching fee charged by their primary coach. Other optional costs may include testing and competition fees, outfits, skates, and accessories.

If you are new to the Advanced Program, you need a private coach to work with your skater. Our club has several private coaches. Please contact Emily Zahn for more information.

For questions about the Advanced Program or finding a private coach, please contact:

Emily Zahn
Learn to Skate & Advanced Program Director