About BFSC

The Bismarck Figure Skating Club, located in Bismarck, North Dakota, is a member of United Skates Figure Skating (USFS). The Club offers group and private instruction designed to create the highest degree of interest and enthusiasm possible in all disciplines of skating for all ages. We also offer several special events throughout the year to promote our club, promote the sport and artistry of figure skating, and to showcase our skaters’ abilities.

BFSC follows the USFS Learn to Skate Program (formerly called Basic Skills) to take a skater from the beginning stages of skating to the point where they are capable of participating at a higher USFS level. The Club supports the instruction of the Advanced Program, a higher-level USFS test and competitive program recognized nationwide, by offering ice time for practice and private instruction in Moves in the Field, Free Style, and Dance.

With all of our programs, we strive to:
•Provide an enjoyable and safe skating experience,
•Develop enjoyable social relationships through group instruction,
•Teach correct technique of elements,
•Develop a finer degree of coordination and balance,
•Provide incentive rewards, and
•Promote physical fitness.

Special Events

Annual Ice Show: Each year BFSC hosts an ice show (usually late March). The show gives our skaters an opportunity to show off their progress and possibly meet some high level guest skaters. In addition, the show is a fundraising event and promotes figure skating to the public. All club members are invited to participate in the show.


USFS Test Sessions: BFSC offers USFS-sanctioned test sessions throughout the year where higher level skaters are invited to present their skills in front of a panel of USFS judges for evaluation and movement to higher competitive classifications.


Competitions: BFSC typically hosts a competition each November for Basics to Gold-level skaters.

Our club is nonprofit and depends heavily on volunteers and fundraisers to make it work and to keep costs affordable. We are governed by an 8-member Board of Directors that operates in accordance with USFS rules and regulations as well as our own bylaws and policies (see Club Documents).

Board of Directors

The BFSC Board of Directors includes a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and four members-at-large. Each director is elected at the membership’s annual meeting in June and holds a two-year term of office. The president, secretary, and two members-at-large are elected in even years (*), and the vice president, treasurer and two other members-at-large are elected in odd years.

*President:  Maria Neset (2023-2024)

        email: bfscpresident5@gmail.com

Vice President:  Gretchen Masset (2023-2025)

*Secretary:  Ashley Wangler (2022-2024)

Treasurer:  Missy Seifert (2022-2024)


Amy Steiner (2023-2024)

Jeremy Smith (2023-2025)

Maria Dwyer (2022-2024)

Kirstin Wilhelm (2023-2025)

To contact any of the BFSC board members or to request a copy of the board meeting minutes, fill out our Contact Us form.

* Directors elected in even-numbered years.